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At Steven T. Giorgione CPA, Ltd. we have the expertise to coordinate and manage your projects in a timely and efficient manner. Through the use of integrated software, portal technology and a highly seasoned staff we assist you in all aspects of managing your projects start to finish. We track all agreed upon services and projects using  client focused project management solutions. This process allows us to manage your engagements prospectively, not retrospectively insuring expectations for engagement completion  are met.  For example, personal tax returns are required to be completed by April 15th if received in house by March 25th; assuming all information is received from the client. To facilitate timely services, we take a "hands on" approach to client projects and deadlines.  We strive to notify clients in advance as deadlines approach.  Our management policy  requires us to "reach out" to clients several times to prevent a missed deadline. We return all emails and phone calls expeditiously and staff @ Steven T. Giorgione, CPA Ltd. are rarely permitted to  reschedule an appointment with a client.